Community safety

Community Safety

  • Tackle road accidents through more pedestrian and cyclist safety systems.
  • Focus on prevention by investing in struggling communities to prevent crime.
  • Support law enforcement to keep our communities, parks and public spaces safe.
  • Launch Know Your Neighbor programs to strengthen community care.
Homes and homelessness

Homes & Homelessness

  • Streamline permitting and housing policies to reduce cost and speed up construction.
  • Invest in programs that will keep people off the street and into good paying jobs.
  • Build a drop-in center network to provide 24/7 access to physical and mental healthcare, job training, addiction and case workers services.
  • Work with City and Council staff to build partnerships and share resources to address the rising homeless population.
Healthier Communities

Healthier Communities

  • Raise awareness of healthier lifestyles through a community nutrition program.
  • Create annual sports tournaments and activities for families.
  • Expand mental health services by hiring more social workers.
  • Bring new wellness partnerships to Ward 7.
Local economy

Local Economy & Jobs

  • Invest in water and energy solutions to reduce running costs.
  • Launch a farmer’s market to feature local farms, food trucks, small businesses, and restaurants.
  • Promote programs and incentives that create high paying and high-roads jobs in Ward 7.
  • Fix and maintain our streets to attract new business.
  • Establish a Business Council in Ward 7 to collaborate on economic development.
  • Build a support network for Ward 7’s small businesses.
Children and young people

Children & Young People

  • Run college, career, and apprenticeship fairs to provide young people with educational and employment opportunities.
  • Drive youth civic engagement to build skills and networks valued in the workplace and improve social-emotional well-being.
  • Start local youth committees to enable children to grow in confidence and develop leadership skills.
  • Work with local businesses to offer internships to retain local talent.
Cleaner and Greener

Cleaner & Greener

  • Implement regular Ward 7 community cleanups and blight removal.
  • Improve our public green spaces and incorporate native landscaping.
  • Reduce extreme heat islands in Ward 7 and build more cool down stations.
  • Drive community input for improvements and new parks.
  • Invest in recreational programs for youth and elders.
Arts and culture

Arts & Culture

  • Start a local public arts program to support and celebrate local artists.
  • Launch ‘Movies in the Park’ to bring communities together and celebrate each other’s cultures through the power of film.
  • Bring artists, community groups and businesses together in Ward 7 wide annual cultural celebrations.
  • Work with school and community leaders to promote art, music and performance in Ward 7.

Ward 7

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